Memphis Marine Products

Be the envy of everyone on the lake with your tricked out boat. Memphis Xtreme Audio marine grade products are certified to withstand the elements. You will have the ultimate performance on the water. 


Take your music with you while you enjoy the water.


Set the Mood with music and lighting!


 Memphis Xtreme Audio speakers are designed to perform in rugged conditions that demand extra element and water protection.  Boats, Side-by-sides, trucks whatever your application, MXA speakers will continue to perform no matter what you throw at them.  Bring the party anywhere the road takes you with MXA Audio. 

 Memphis Xtreme Audio amplifiers are designed to withstand the elements and wet environments. Unlike traditional amplifiers, these amps boast conformal circuit boars, sealed controls and upgraded terminals and wiring.  MXA amplifiers will perform in your truck, jeep, boat, side-by-side or wherever else you need a rugged durable amplifier that boast solid power.  

 Memphis Xtreme Audio tower speakers are designed to produce exceptional sound in an open space.  Our 6.5" and 8" models utilize a compression horn  to efficiently broadcast the sound for exceptional performance at a distance.  This technology is imperative when enjoying your music at the end of a wake rope our out on the trails. 

 Marine subwoofers rely on advanced technology to protect them from harsh marine conditions.  Water and UV protection are key when you bring big Memphis bass to the water. No room for a traditional subwoofer? Check out the Xtreme Nanoboxx all in one ultra-slim bass solution to bring big bass to any situation 

 Memphis Xtreme Bluetooth devices are engineered to withstand water and the elements while keeping you connected.  Use one of several solutions to build the ultimate audio system! 

 Keep the party going all night long with Memphis Xtreme LED lighting.  Our light kits are capable of adding accent lighting to any vessel and our speaker and subwoofer rings are the perfect solution to add an impressive visual glow to your already impressive sound system.